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Savoiardi cake with buttercream and caramelized almonds (luscious cake from Aigio-Pelloponese)

hello and merry christmas to all! this is a dessert my stepmother used to make when i was young. this christmas she made it and offered it in the christmas table and i was very happy to taste it again...
this is a recipe her mother and grandmother made. it is a very rich cake and has only 8 ingredients.
 you won't be disapponted!
Savoiardi cake with cream and caramelized almonds

you will need

800 gr savoiardi (preferably from a pastry shop)
400 gr sugar
400 gr good gresh cow butter like Lurpak
400 gr almonds without skin
4 tubes of vanilla powder
12 egg yolks
1 cup of cognac
13 greek coffees (prepared earlier so the residue sits on the bottom and they are not hot)

how to

put the yolks and the sugar in a big bowl and start beating with the mixer in a medium speed for about 30' so that all the sugar is dissolved and the mix becomes whitish and creamy .

add the butter (which you have taken out of the fridge hours ago and is soft) in pieces and keep beating for another 30'.

in a small bowl mix the coffee without the residue and the cognac.

dunk for a sec the savoiard from one side and then the other side and in a deep plate start arranging them so that they cover the whole bottom.

when the bottom is fully covered, apply 1/3 of the cream evenly with the help of a spatula.

after the cream is laid, start putting another layer of slighty soaked savoiardi in the coffee-cognac mixture.

spread the rest of the cream on top of them.

put it in the fridge and start the process of caramelizing the almonds:

in a pan over hot fire put the almonds and quickly sprinkle them with about 1/2 cup of sugar, stirring constantly, until the sugar is dissolved and starts to melt.

keep stirring from time to time so that the almonds don't burn and when the sugar is almost like the colour of dark caramel remove from fire and spread them on a piece of silicon mat or parchment/baking paper.

try to separate them while they are hot, one to one, because when the caramel hardens they break and lose their shape.

when the almonds are totally cold and hardened, spread them on the top of the cream with their pointy side in.

ta da!


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